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Lighthouse Of Freedom

Lighthouse Of Freedom


Have you ever become enmeshed in the distressing and seemingly incomprehensible problems of living - problems to which there seemed to be neither immediate nor permanent solution?  If so, at such times did you not long for a clearer understanding of the reason WHY these came about; how to solve them and prevent more from appearing?  The knowledge and its daily practical application to solve such problems is now made available to you in the Instruction presented by the The Lightouse of Freedom.

Dear friend - The Will of God for You is Good!  So often have we heard those words - "God is Love" - and does not Love Desire Only Good For That Which It Loves?  Would a loving "human" parent deliberately impose upon the child of his heart anything of distress?  Instead, would he not try to shield that child from all that would do him harm?  The Beloved Jesus said: "If you .... know how to give good gifts to your children, How Much More shall your HEAVENLY FATHER give All Good to them that ask Him!"  Therefore, take Hope - Gracious Reader - For There Is A Simple And Practical Way Out Of Your Difficulties.  The Instruction freely offered by The Lighthouse of Freedom clearly presents the answers to all "human" problems - particularly the age-old questions of a wondering humanity who have lost their way in the maze of "human" creation - such questions as: "Why am I here?" and "Where am I going?"  This Lighthouse Activity is a High Tower of Faith in the Infinite, Ever-Present Goodness of our Heavenly Father - God - and His desire to give that Good to All His Creation.  Said the Beloved Ascended Master Jesus: "It is the Father's Good Pleasure to Give you the Kingdom (all He - the King - has!).  "This High Tower of Faith is founded within and upon the Rock of Eternal Truth and, from the apex of this tower, there floods forth constantly over the sea of humanity's darkened consciousness - Its Radiant All - Powerful Beams of Blzaing Light - that "Light of God which CANNOT Fail" to bring relief and release to all who will look to the Light for Its assistance.  All through the ages, Almighty God has said to mankind: "Call unto Me and I Will Answer You."  This Light (the very Essence and Being of God Himself) answers EVERY sincere call (prayer or decree) INSTANTLY - no matter how silently or feebly that call may go up from the heart of any living Soul, regardless of his color, age, station in life, occupation or religious belief.  How often have we been told that "God is no respecter of persons" and, right here in America, does not the Preamble of our Constitution state that It is "dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal?"  Although the Teachings of The Lighthouse of Freedom are founded upon the Eternal Verities of the Ages, one of the most important of these being: "In the beginning - God," yet this Instruction is as modern as today.  It is the balance between religion and education and is presented in a most informative and interesting manner.  These Teachings are so pratical and easy of application that a child can understand and apply them.  THE LAWS OF LIFE taught in this Activity WILL WORK FOR YOU - IF YOU WILL WORK FOR THEM for, NO LAW APPLIES ITSELF!

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