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Law of Life Enlightener

Law of Life Enlightener


A.D.K. Luk (Alice Schutz) was directed by the Masters to prepare and publish a "Newsletter".  Its purpose was to utilize the Ascended Master Instruction in a practical way for application.  Within it contains history, discourse, dictation and teaching on many subjects.  Law of Life Enlightener was published from 1979 (25 A.F.) - 1994 (41 A.F.).  We are blessed to present it here in its entirety.  This material is written as it was given and in a manner to convey the meaning as well as the feeling rather than to conform to literary standards.  Much of the material is taken from class notes (not from books), and some is inspirational, with enough fundamental knowledge to make it practical.  This compiled information consists of vital points from instruction of a new presentation of Truth and of actions of the Sacred Fire given in class work over a period of several years.  Among books published by A.D.K. Luk are Law of Life, I & II, Life and Teachings of Jesus and Mary, and Law of Life and Teachings by Divine Beings.

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