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Law Of Life Book, 1 & 2

Law Of Life Book, 1 & 2


Originally published as two separate volumes, Law of Life Books I & II is now being published together in one book which was the original vision of the author.  These books contain compiled information of vital points of Ascended Master instruction given over a period of several years.  This teaching is the law of life and its conscious application.  This instruction explains and makes clear fundamental laws of everyone's life and teaches their practical application.  

First - the knowledge one's Individualized Presence of God, Who gives him life.  

Second - the Portective Pillar of light.  

Third - the use of the Transmuting Flame.  

Fourth - the Ascension, the goal of each one's life.  

The body of the text remains unchanged; only minor corrections were made.  A color print of the "Magic I AM Presence" used by A.D.K. Luk has been added. A chart of the "Divine Beings, Offices and Actvities of the Spiritual Hierarchy" is included.  Law of Life Book I (First published in 1959) gives information on fundamentals, understanding and application to make it practical for both beginners and more advanced students.  Law of Life Book II ( First published in 1960) gives detailed information about the Ascended Masters, Cosmic and Divine Being and their retreats.  It includes information on the Chohans and the Seven Rays and Flames.  This material is written as it was given and in a manner to convey the meaning as well as the feeling rather than to confrom to literary standards.  Much of the material is taken from class notes ( not from books), and some is inspirational, with enough fundamental knowledge to make it practical.  This compiled information consists of vital points from instruction of a new presentation of Truth and of actions of the Sacred Fire given in class work over a period of several years.  We have endeavored in this book to present points of law not given elsewhere, and also some of the essential material, since it is not readily available in a concise manner.  We have here tried to give enough on fundamentals, understanding and appliocation to make it practical in a comprehensible way for beginners in this type of instruction (the law of life), as well as for students of the various teachings and those more advanced.  This Ascended Master instruction is educational, not just religious, it is a science as well as a religion.  It is no "ism" or "cult".  It is educational, the understanding of life, based on the law of energy and vibration.  This teaching is sciendtific and covers every phase of life, including religion.  Most people have looked to their religion to give them understanding of the "unknown" or "other side" of life.  It is Retreat work.  It explains how to cooperate and work with the Brotherhood of Masters on current activities and requirements, rather than studying literature of hundreds or thousands of years ago.  It gives an understanding of fundamental truths -universal law and principles, with practical application, and is not just some dogma or creed.  All that is asked of students is to accept their own God-Presence.  The great need today is for individuals to know of and accept their own God-Presence, the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings Who are one with It.  Such acknowledgment is the open door, making the individual a channel for the Great Ones to pour through Their blessings to assist mankind, and expand the light of the world.  Among books published by A.D.K. Luk are Law of Life Enlightener, Life and Teachings of Jesus and Mary, and Law of Life and Teachings by Divine Beings.

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