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Ascended Master Love and Truth, Vol 2

Ascended Master Love and Truth, Vol 2


This book contains: dictations from Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings from the 1950's, 1960's, and 1970's given through Their Appointed Representatives, class notes taken by Alice Shutz in the 1930's and 1940's when she traveled with Mr. and Mrs. Guy Ballard and personal letters written by the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings to members of the Bridge to Freedom.  This material was compiled and edited by Leigh Custos.  Included are Dictations and Letters from the following Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings:  Cherubim Adelphia; Aeolus, The Cosmic Holy Spirit; Serapis Bey; El Morya; Maha Chohan; Saint Germain; Mother Mary; Jesus; Helios, Great Sun God; Kwan Yin; John The Beloved; Kuthumi; Archangel Michael; Paul the Venetian; Elohim of Purity; Archangel Gabriel; Archangel Zadkiel; Goddes of Liberty; Great Divine Director; Fun Wey; Djwal Kul; and Hilarion.  Following are some of the subjects discussed:  Theosophy; Alice Bailey; Power of the Sacred Fire to Bless Mankind; Transmission of the Flame; The Golden Flame of Consciousness; Guard the Doors of Your Consciousness; A Universal and World Brotherhood; Basic Ceremony and Sanctuaries; Inner Court; Importance of Student Preparation Before Entrance to Class; Sleepers' Realm; Earth Bound; The Miracle of Creation; Law of Creation; The Christ Consciousness; The Cosmic Cathedral; The Individual and His God Reality; Universal Light Substance and Liberation; Cosmic Pulsation of the Sacred Fire; Service of the Hierarchy; The Pyramids of Egypt; The Retreat at Luxor; Initiations at Luxor; The Mind of Man; Cooperation of the Four Bodies; Free Will Choice; Communion; Money is a Servant; Supply and Demand; Union with the Cosmic Consciousness; Communion with the Saints; Evolution on the Four Planes of Consciousness; Man's Individual Sphere of Activity; Spiritual Law; The Raising of the Consciousness Lies Within Your Free Will; Ascended Master Consciousness; Attainment of the Ascended Master Consciousness; Some Individuals Have a Greater Capacity to Feel Than Others; Evolution on the Four Planes of Consciousness; The Great Men of the East; The Golden Flame of Consciousness; Man Determines His State of Consciousness; Like Attracts Like; The Causal Bodies of Helios and Vesta; Zodiac; House of Aries; House of Pisces; House of Aquaria; House of Capricorn; House of Sagittarius; House of Scorpio; House of Libra; House of Virgo; House of the Great Apollo; House of Cancer; House of Gemini; House of Taurus; Hell of Human Creation; Will to Do; Joy in Service; The Growth of Planets; The Design of each Lifestream; A Man's  Consciousness; Tides and Currents; Visitation of the Divine Spirit; Oracles of Delphi; The Experience Life Form the Consciousness; The Virtues of "God" are Constantly Flowing Around Us; and much more.

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