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Ascended Master Devotion and Purpose, Vol 2

Ascended Master Devotion and Purpose, Vol 2


This book is a general history of the innovation, devlopment and progression of an idea born in the heart and consciousness of the Beloved Maha Chohan. That idea was the Transmission of the Flame Service.  Like all ideas, it depended for its subsistence upon the voluntary acceptance of the pristine essence through the consciousness of some members fo the race to be benefited by its development, nourishment and sustenance.  The idea of inviting interested students on the path to visit the retreats of the masters of wisdom was conceived by the Beloved Master, El Morya.  To amplify the blessings of the retreats to the mankind of earth, the Beloved Maha Chohan conceived the further idea of drawing the students together rhythmically, at the same time that the initial pulsation of the Retreat had begun to pour out its radiance into the atmosphere of earth, and of allowing them gradually to become conscious co-workers with the Great White Brotherhood whom they have loved so long, AT THE SAME TIME AS THE BROTHERHOOD WAS ACTIVE IN ANY PARTICULAR SERVICE.  This book contains the Original Transmission of the Flame Outline, Original Service with decrees, songs and the early history and instructions, including rhythmic breathing.  This history contains letters showing the progressive development of the classes as other cities and interested individuals began to join these pioneer students who were given the opportunity of being conscious conductors of the Masters' blessings to the planet and all its evolving life. The initial pulsation for the first Transmission class formed the spiritual spark around which the larger endeavors have developed.  As it is obvious that the location of the Retreats throughout the entire planet would make the time change each month confusing to the people, the Masters honored the initial pulsation, which was at nine o'clock Eastern Standard Time, and the rhythm begins at this time no matter where the Retreat Itself is located.

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