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Dear Students of the Light,

We, have been given a wonderful and great opportunity.  It is that we are here to publish and disseminate a very vast collection in which, the Masters have given us for the purpose of raising one another and the planet with it.  It has been made very clear to us in this responsibility that we must follow the directives and instructions left for us and that they must be protected and presented in the Standard, which the Brotherhood has set forth.  We take this promise very seriously and earnest. We have continually maintained a transparency to all parties involved what our purpose is.  Our responsibility to Life is to continue this grand tradition of expansion and giving credit where it is due.  We know and hope those who believe in this Cause will Stand with the Mightiest Light of God For the Truth to set all FREE.


When clicking a link to buy a book, one agrees to not copy, print, change or reproduce this book in any way without written permission from ADK Luk Publications.  You also agree to not post this book on the internet for others to buy or download for free.


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